The production has been streamlined scientifically with the latest equipment and the expertise gained through years spent in the field. On receipt of the confirmed bulk order and shipment approval, the raw materials including the fabric and trims and the time and action plan is finalized and communicated to all. Production files are communicated to factories with all details and daily monitoring is done of production against plan.

There are several inline quality controls. As per international norms, the Company adheres to the 1.5, 2.5 or 4 quality control standards for finished garments as per client requirements and to internationally established Accepted Quality Levels. Inspections based on the 4.0 system are conducted on 10% of every shipment. 100% of the finished garments are inspected before packing to ensure zero defect packing. Progress of production is reported to customers and if there is any unavoidable delay, extension of delivery date is requested and obtained. Arrangements are made with third party inspection firms, for final inspection by them, and plans are finalized for final shipment.