Quality and Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Apparel Island to:
Satisfy customers by providing products of required customer’s standards on time and in desired quantities.
Comply all applicable regularity and other requirements that apply to its business operations.
Take measures to minimize waste, prevent pollution and converse natural resources.
Promote high speed passionate pursuit of continuous improvement through teamwork and employees development.

Compliance of the Code:
Every person to whom the Code is applicable are responsible for understanding and complying with the Code of conduct and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and relevant policies. They shall also comply with the various policies, guidelines and codes formulated by the Company in compliance with the Listing Regulations and other applicable provisions.     

Child Labor:
Child labor refers to a type and intensity of work that hampers children’s access to education, damages their physical and/or psychological health and their development within their families, and deprives them of their childhood or their self-respect.
Therefore, employees need to adhere to the following:
•    Adheres to the legal minimum age requirements.
•    Moreover, the Company shall not employ under the age of 18 years
•    Senior Management Personnel shall be responsible for making the Company’s standards with regard to child labor known to key suppliers and contractors.

Forced Labor:
The Company will under no circumstances make use of forced labor. Apparel Island will only employ employees who are working of their own free will. No employee is required to lodge deposits and no individual will be deprived of identity papers upon commencing employment with the company. Senior Management Personnel are responsible for making the company standards with regard to forced labor known to key suppliers and contractors.

Grievance Procedure:
Apparel Island will monitor and timely respond to Code violations seriously. A thorough investigation shall be done, with full confidentiality, in case of a breach reported. The Company’s management shall be responsible for conducting and managing Code investigations. The Employee, under investigation, will have an opportunity to be heard prior to any final decision.  

Dissemination of Code:
The Company shall take appropriate measures to disseminate the Code in accordance with the requirement of Code of Corporate Governance. The Company will take appropriate action against the employee in case of failure to comply. Disciplinary actions may include immediate termination of employment or business relationship at the Company's sole discretion.  

Waivers and Amendments:
Any waiver of any provision of this Code for a member of the Company’s Board of Directors or a Senior Management Personnel must be approved in writing by the Company’s Board of Directors and appropriately disclosed. Based on the business requirements and applicable regulations the Code may be amended by the Board of Directors from time to time.